Have Your Outlook PST Files Become Oversized?

Microsoft® Outlook is devised under the guidance of numerous technocrats of the Microsoft; this emailing application offers high level of ease to its users for communication purpose. Long time usage of this emailing client can put you on some irritating situations like oversized PST file. MS® Outlook 2002 and earlier version of Outlook have limited size for PST files which is 2 GB. When PST file reaches to the limit, you may face inability to open that PST file or you cannot add any new data in that PST files and such PST files are called oversized PST.

Export Notes, Outlook to Notes, and many more noteworthy applications are designed under the direction of software development experts. To decrease PST file size, we have formulated the tool named Split PST which works amazingly to cut down size of oversized PST files.

Inbuilt Utilities Are Not Capable To Decrease PST File

To overcome these problems, Outlook users have to decrease PST file size by splitting oversized PST files with some intelligent external application because Outlook does not have any built-in method to take care of oversized PST file. The PST2GB utility as a make-do is useful to restore the oversized PST file, through which it can be used. But, most of the times this tool fails to reduce your headache with restoration of oversized PST. However, if it reduces the size of PST file then, some of your PST data will get truncated or deleted forever.

Evan Swans, Director of the Company says: "Money saving offers generally attracts users and thus we offer our users an opportunity to save a huge amount by investing in the bundle offer available on PST split tool and PST Merge software. The twin offers is available on both the licenses of the Split PST files and combine PST files software to provide users flexibility in purchase process and choose the tool as per their requirement.

PST2GB tool sometimes works but, mostly it fails to reduce the size of PST file so it is better to use professional solution like Split PST to decrease PST file size conveniently.

Microsoft, the industry giant released various service packs for Outlook; usage of them restrict users to approach the limitation of PST file so users will not able to add any data after approaching end of file size. For some scenarios, this mechanism can prevent PST files to being oversized. But, if limit is achieved you will have to face many problems while sending or receiving emails, making notes, setting appointments etc. These all are disadvantages of Outlook oversized PST. Such consequences force users to think how to decrease PST file size efficiently.

Effective Solution of the Problem

You may face inconveniency when Outlook data grow larger and larger, don't use any inbuilt utility or non-professional method to decrease PST file size into small parts. You should adopt the external solution that can recover the oversized PST file without any data loss or data updation. Split PST software of this organization is one reliable tool to decrease PST file size. It is also available in trial mode to decrease PST file size free. Users who are not interested for purchasing software can go for remote services, these services are also safe and secure for splitting non-confidential oversized PST.

Know More: http://www.splitpst.net/decrease-pst-file-size.html

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