It's not often when someone doesn't wish to help the environment. If you use a laser printer or know someone who does, read on to discover why re-manufactured laser toner cartridges are a wonderful way to help keep the UK ecologically sound.

The Cons Involved in Using Bio-Degradable Plastics

Toner cartridges are made largely of plastic. Taking into account the millions of cartridges manufactured annually, that means tons of non-biodegradable plastics are dumped in landfills. But if the plastic in these cartridges was recycled, that would lead to less waste in our overloaded landfills. Also, the recycling process tends to be of less expense than manufacturing all that plastic from the beginning. As it so happens, many toner cartridges can be refilled numerous times.

The Importance of Reusing Cartridges

Would it shock you to discover that it takes a lone laser printer toner cartridge over 450 years to break down in a landfill? And it's a jaw dropping concept that more than 300 million cartridges are disposed of annually. Doesn't it seem better, then, to refill and reuse our present toner cartridges than to manufacture new ones?

No Worries When Using Re-Manufactured Cartridges

In the beginning days of refilled and reused ink cartridges, flawed refilling and refurbishing processes meant poor quality products. These inferior products, as a result, led to damage and even destroying expensive laser printer devices. Today, with sophisticated and better processes and quality control, the quality of refilled toner ink cartridges is as good as or better than the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges that ship with updated printers. No longer can printer manufacturers void printer warranties if OEM printer toner cartridges were not placed in the printer. Current re-manufactured cartridges undergo equally strict quality control. In addition, re-manufactured cartridges can be approximately 70% cheaper than their OEM equivalents.

Further Upside to Re-Manufactures

Re-manufactured laser printer cartridges save energy, too. It's estimated that some 3 quarts of oil are required to create one new cartridge, so reusing cartridges allows us to conserve fossil fuels. Lastly, the re-manufacturing process leads to the creation of jobs. As more and more people discover the upside of recycling ink toner cartridges, the amplified demand leads to job conception.

Millions of laser toner cartridges end up in UK landfills annually. It's much more sensible to recycle and reuse these cartridges to protect the environment and save money.
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